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Mr. Big -- ...The Stories We Could Tell (CD+DVD)

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Catalog No. : EVSA295A
Product Title : ...The Stories We Could Tell
Format : CD+DVD
Region Code : All Region
Picture Format : 16:9
Audio : CD
Artist(s) : Mr. Big
Release Date : 2014
Sub Title :
Package Weight : 170g
Publisher : Evolution Ltd.
Other Information :

“A classic, groovin’, blues-rock record with the spirit and spark of our rock and soul idols from the 70s. Hells to the yeah, it’s a Mr. Big album complete with all the trimmings.” Lead singer Eric Martin couldn’t have said it better. Mr. Big comes back with some of their strongest grooves to date, featuring thrilling tracks such as The Stories We Could Tell, Gotta Love The Ride, Fragile and more. With big-hit producer Pat Regan on the wheels, well known for his work with Deep Purple, Warrant and Keel, the collective talent will no doubt continue to surprise and amaze fans worldwide.


CD track list:

1.    Gotta Love the Ride
2.    I Forgot to Breathe
3.    Fragile
4.    Satisfied
5.    The Man Who Has Everything
6.    The Monster In Me
7.    What If We Were New?
8.    East/West
9.    The Light Of Day
10.    Just Let Your Heart Decide
11.    It's Always About That Girl
12.    Cinderella Smile
13.    The Stories We Could Tell

Bonus track:
14.    30 Days In the Hole

Bonus DVD: Interview

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Label    Evosound
Format    CD
Genre    Rock

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